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Lade officially supports deploying Ruby applications.

Supported Versions

The following Ruby versions are supported and receive security updates:

  • 3.3
  • 3.2
  • 3.1

Supported Package Managers

The following package managers are supported:

Ruby App Detection

Lade detects your app as a Ruby app if a Gemfile file is present in the root directory.

Specifying a Ruby Version

You can specify the Ruby version in your Gemfile file:

ruby '3.1'

Ruby Web Process

Lade will use the following priority order to determine the web process:

  1. Procfile specifying the web process type
  2. The Rack app if a config.ru file is present in the root directory

For example, you can specify the Rails app in your config.ru file:

require_relative 'config/environment'
run Rails.application

Lade will automatically start your web application with the Puma web server.