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  • Procfile


Lade supports a Procfile for specifying custom commands to start your application. Your Procfile should specify all long-running process types.

Procfile Format

You can specify the process types in your Procfile file with the following format:

<process type>: <command>

Where <process type> is the alphanumeric name of your process and <command> is the command line that will start your process.

Web Process Type

The web process type will receive HTTP traffic from Lade domains. Lade will automatically detect the web process for supported languages.

You can specify the web process type for a Python app:

web: gunicorn --bind$PORT app:app

Release Process Type

The release process type will be run before your app is deployed. You can use this process type to compile assets and run database migrations.

You can specify the release process type for a Python app:

release: python manage.py migrate

Scaling Process Types

Lade runs one web process type of your app automatically. Other process types will not start by default.

You can scale your Lade process types with the CLI:

$ lade scale web=2 worker=5 --app myapp